Uffie finally releasing your first official video

Despite having grown up in South Florida, Uffie hasn't actually step foot in our swampy parts since 2006 when she made an appearance during Winter Music Conference. Still, South Florida's influence on her style of music in undeniable. Hints of Miami booty bass, freestyle and crunk are all there mashed up with electro beats. 2 Live Crew and L'Trimm are just as big of a influence as Daft Punk and Peaches.

Uffie's success was almost instantaneous when she dropped her single "Pop the Glock" back in 2005 with French label Ed Banger Records. Other dancefloor-ready singles like "Ready to Uff" and "Hot Chick" soon followed, while releases like "Dismissed" and "First Love" were met with a more tepid response. It also seemed like the singer was losing steam and we sort of expected her to become just another footnote in the rapidly changing electro-house genre.

But Ed Banger head honcho Busy P, who will be in Miami later this month, still seems to have faith in her. After many empty promises of a full LP, Busy P says it is finally done, and the album, which will be called Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans, is slated for an early 2010 release. Uffie's usual crop of producers will be present -- Feadz, Mr. Oizo and SebastiAn -- along with Mirwais, who is famous for producing much of Madonna's latest body of work.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Busy P says he's re-releasing "Pop the Glock," which samples "Top Billin'" by Audio Two, as a four-track EP with remixes by Mirwais, DJ Mehdi and Ellen Alien, as well as producing a video for it, which coincidentally came out last week. This marks Uffie first foray into music video territory.

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Uffie Pop The Glock from Uffie on Vimeo.

Charlotte Gainsbourg Releases First Beck-Produced Single

Sounding as much like it was produced by Beck as it was produced by a horse in one of those weird dream sequences in The Science of Sleep, “IRM,” the first track from Charlotte Gainsbourg’s newest record. She’s clearly open to influence and collaboration, as this is drastically different than the fog her 5:55 lived in with the help of Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker. Gainsbourg is much more lively here, singing against doorbells and lunch-bucket drums. The studio probably had a bunch of crystals, cassette copies of the “Sex Laws” single, orange Febreeze and a bunch of loose fabric made by Hermes that they draped on all the microphones. It sounds that way—rock and roll loser legend Scientologist with a great hat and handmade acoustic guitars and marimbas meets famous-in-France maybe sorta kinda rich lady with a voice like a lush and European tiny wind tunnel. They recorded this in California and it’s rich with that good West Coast endo and mountain views. Giving it maybe two days until Kanye puts the track up on his blog.

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Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM from Charlotte Gainsbourg on Vimeo.

Goldfrapp scoring new John Lennon film

According to the NME, the duo’s female focal point, Alison Goldfrapp, took to the Goldfrapp blog recently to share news of the film score. “We have finally emerged from an intense period of work and I’m pleased I can now tell you about it (as it is official). We have written the score for a film called Nowhere boy. It’s about John Lennon as a boy,” the singer wrote.
Whilst Goldfrapp was cagey about specifics of the pair’s involvement in the Nowhere Boy score, she did let loose a pearl of information about the process, revealing that Goldfrapp had paid homage to the iconic British rocker by recording parts of the score at the infamous Beatles den, Abbey Road Studios.
“It’s truly amazing that they gave us the opportunity to do this. We are all really excited about going to Abbey Road Studios soon to record the strings with the full orchestra,” she wrote, dropping hints about Goldfrapp’s suitably epic flourishes to the score.
With the biopic set to premiere in late October as a part of the London Film Festival, Goldfapp explained that their involvement in the film had almost wrapped up, and thankfully, they’ll be moving on quickly to the next project, which is the follow up to 2008’s Seventh Tree.

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