Goldfrapp scoring new John Lennon film

According to the NME, the duo’s female focal point, Alison Goldfrapp, took to the Goldfrapp blog recently to share news of the film score. “We have finally emerged from an intense period of work and I’m pleased I can now tell you about it (as it is official). We have written the score for a film called Nowhere boy. It’s about John Lennon as a boy,” the singer wrote.
Whilst Goldfrapp was cagey about specifics of the pair’s involvement in the Nowhere Boy score, she did let loose a pearl of information about the process, revealing that Goldfrapp had paid homage to the iconic British rocker by recording parts of the score at the infamous Beatles den, Abbey Road Studios.
“It’s truly amazing that they gave us the opportunity to do this. We are all really excited about going to Abbey Road Studios soon to record the strings with the full orchestra,” she wrote, dropping hints about Goldfrapp’s suitably epic flourishes to the score.
With the biopic set to premiere in late October as a part of the London Film Festival, Goldfapp explained that their involvement in the film had almost wrapped up, and thankfully, they’ll be moving on quickly to the next project, which is the follow up to 2008’s Seventh Tree.


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