Charlotte Gainsbourg Releases First Beck-Produced Single

Sounding as much like it was produced by Beck as it was produced by a horse in one of those weird dream sequences in The Science of Sleep, “IRM,” the first track from Charlotte Gainsbourg’s newest record. She’s clearly open to influence and collaboration, as this is drastically different than the fog her 5:55 lived in with the help of Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker. Gainsbourg is much more lively here, singing against doorbells and lunch-bucket drums. The studio probably had a bunch of crystals, cassette copies of the “Sex Laws” single, orange Febreeze and a bunch of loose fabric made by Hermes that they draped on all the microphones. It sounds that way—rock and roll loser legend Scientologist with a great hat and handmade acoustic guitars and marimbas meets famous-in-France maybe sorta kinda rich lady with a voice like a lush and European tiny wind tunnel. They recorded this in California and it’s rich with that good West Coast endo and mountain views. Giving it maybe two days until Kanye puts the track up on his blog.


Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM from Charlotte Gainsbourg on Vimeo.

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